About Kristin


Kristin Fardy paints from her home studio in Ottawa, Canada, and is inspired by human faces, popular culture, and explorations of identity. She loves creating artwork, but her favourite thing to make is to make the viewer laugh, smile, or experience a sense of surprise. Kristin's paintings often present familiar subjects in unfamiliar contexts, always bringing something unexpected to her work.

The majority of Kristin's creative energy is spent on her colourful and humourous pop culture portraits in acrylics on wood panel. Though she's a painter first, she also enjoys linocut carving and turning these creations into quirky, tongue-in-cheek greeting cards.

Kristin is a queer, genderqueer, neurodivergent woman whose work is inevitably informed by this experience (the evidence of which is more apparent in some works than others).

She supports local and independent art supply shops when purchasing her materials and replacing her battered brushes.


See Kristin's event schedule here.


Works are carefully packaged for shipping in reused packaging materials to reduce the environmental footprint associated with getting Kristin’s work safely to buyers. You may see the occasional cereal box logo in the packaging of your purchases from Kristin’s shop, but you can feel good about knowing that waste is minimized in this way.


Follow Kristin's artistic journey, see new artwork, works in progress, and process videos on her instagram page by clicking the icon below or searching for @kfardyartist in the instagram app.

 Kristin is also on TikTokTwitter and Facebook with the username @kfardyartist.


Listen to Kristin's November 2022 interview on CBC Radio's All In A Day with Alan Neal here.

Read an interview with Kristin about her art business on Subkit here.


Retailers can access Kristin's wholesale catalogue of cards, stickers, and more, and order online with Net 60 terms at kfardyartist.faire.com or download the latest PDF wholesale catalogue here.